Lehrstuhl für Mikroökonomik

Prof. Dr. Philipp Weinschenk

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Dr. Prof. Philipp Weinschenk
Telefon +49 (631) 205 3382
Raum 42-428
Sprechzeiten Montag 12-13 Uhr



Spieltheorie [Bachelor]
Mikroökonomik [Bachelor]

Industrieökonomik [Master]
Wettbewerbspolitik [Master]
Vertragstheorie [Master]

Vertiefungen - Schwerpunkte

Industrieökonomik [Master]
Economic Theory [Master]


Contract Theory, Personnel Economics, Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics


Salience, Competition, and Decoy Goods (with Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller), Economics Letters 153, April 2017, 28-31. [Link to article]

Working Conditions and Regulation, Labour Economics 44, January 2017, 177-191. [Link to article]

Procrastination in Teams and Contract Design, Games and Economic Behavior 98, July 2016, 264-283. [Link to article]

Rater Bias and Incentive Provision (with Daniel Müller), Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 24(4), Winter 2015, 833-862. [Link to article]

Compensation, Perks, and Welfare, Economics Letters 120(1), July 2013, 67-70. [Link to article]

Rebates in a Bertrand Game (with Nora Szech), Journal of Mathematical Economics 49(2), March 2013, 124-133. [Link to article]

Skill Formation under Incomplete Information, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 83(2), July 2012, 209-217. [Link to article]

Increasing Workload in a Stochastic Environment, Economics Letters 115(2), May 2012, 286-288. [Link to article]

Binary Payment Schemes: Moral Hazard and Loss Aversion (with Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller), American Economic Review 100(5), December 2010, 2451-2477. [Link to article]


Salience in Markets (with Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller), Handbook of Behavioral Industrial Organization, Co-Editors: Victor J. Tremblay, Roland Eisenhuth, Elizabeth Schroeder, Carol Horton Tremblay, Edward Elgar Publishing, forthcoming.

Soft Commitments, Reminders and Academic Performance (with Oliver Himmler and Robert Jaeckle), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming.

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Strong Implementation of Social Choice Functions in Dominant Strategies, International Journal of Game Theory, revise and resubmit. 


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